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It’s the year 2100 and the Wyntech/BuyLow corporate alliance has gone too far. Not only are most forced to work for and support their empire, but everyone is now being shoved into cramped housing with 24/7 monitoring.

You and a group known only as The Fragmented have refused to obey the rules, and you find yourself shacked up in an old tavern on an ancient computer with restricted but secure internet access. Here you must assemble a team of up to 6 mercenaries to seek out high-ranking members of the tyrannical companies, “extract” information, and follow a trail that hopefully leads to the toppling of their hierarchy.

Set in a cyberpunk version of Chicago, your vigilantes will traverse the city, exploring and fighting in broken down areas in a first person perspective akin to that of classic RPGs still being played today.

Note: Only runs in fullscreen 1920x1080 right now! More resolutions and windowed mode coming soon!!

Install instructions

Thanks for playing Cyberworlds! Extract the entire Cyberworlds-2017_7_7_2 folder from the zip file before playing.


Cyberworlds-2017_7_7_2.zip 105 MB


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This looks awesomeballs

This looks really interesting! Huge cyberpunk fan here, and I will be keeping a close eye on this. Will give it a try when I get a chance.

Thanks man! I should have a new build coming hopefully in the near future.

Neat stuff. Unfortunately there's a mouse bug for me in windows 10. It only allows a small rectangle to move the mouse within so I cant reach the right side of the screen, so cant access menus, characters. Mapping keys would be a good work around and a good option.

e.g.  escape on main menu = ask to quit to desktop.

1-8 = fight with character?

Loving the retro cyberpunk feel you're building.

~ Liam

Very interesting, as I use Windows 10 as well. I'll definitely look into the issue though! Full key mapping and tooltips for everything will be in the next build! Thanks for playing and giving me this vital feedback!

To anyone who may see this: This may have to do with the fact that this game runs in 1920x1080 only right now, having a different res than this may result in oddities!